About Us

last minute halloween kostü BMPS (Bond Multi-Professional Services) owes its’ origin to the founder of HSD (HENRY STRUCTURE DRAFTING PTE LTD) which was a highly successful engineering and detailing office from 1994 to 2003. The clientele comprised of customers from USA, UK, Australia and Japan. We have worked with Main Contractors, Fabricators and Consultants producing engineering support and shop drawings for the construction of steel structures all over the world.

  1. Commercial Steel Buildings: High Rise Offices and Shopping Centers, Exhibition Centers, etc.
  2. Industrial Steel Buildings: Ware Houses, Factories, Wafer Fab, Water treatment Plants, etc.
  3. Petrol Chemical Plants; On / Offshore.
  4. Power plants and Steel Mills,
  5. Air Craft Hangers.
  6. Gantries, Trestles, Hoppers and ancillary steel for the Mining sector.
  7. Bridges, Walkway, Canopies, etc.

games The above mentioned are by no means any limit of what we have undertaken and accomplished successfully for our customers. With proven capabilities and experience together with our team of highly qualified engineers and designers, we can guarantee the best domestic and international engineering expertise to undertake and deliver projects of any size on schedule and accurately.

icq As the industry evolved, we have also developed our organization to cater to the IT sector like Web development, animation, mobile apps and so on. These, we are able to provide in-house and through strategic alliances with well-known sources. With both immense talent and enthusiasm, we, at BMPS are very confident we will be able to establish an outstanding reputation in meeting its client’s requirements through premium quality standards.

fish We pride our self in our commitment to our employee’s benefits and our longstanding client relationships forged through years of excellent quality and integrity.